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View-through is not a success metric

True or False: Current usage of view-through conversions is not a success metric customers benefit from, but rather a pricing mechanism by which agencies are able to imply a correlation with performance while networks are able to use their reach to spend large budgets, pleasing all parties except the advertiser.


3 Responses to “View-through is not a success metric”

  1. Mike W Says:

    I have viewed it as more of a smart branding metric for Agencies/clients running on high reach ad networks (or Portals I guess).

    Find pockets of conversions happening on a placement or site from existing customers and then show more (usually f-capped) ads to the other users on that site who would tend to be similar to the customers that where already existing.

  2. Greg Hills Says:

    I’ll let someone else defend view throughs against the causation/correlation question that you allude to, and instead I’ll go on the offense against just using clickthroughs. Many people are never going to click on an a banner ad, but they still see advertising and are influenced by it. For big ticket items like travel, telco, auto, who is going to see an ad, click on it, then purchase something immediately? A lot of the dollars are being spent on categories where the purchase cycle is drastically longer that one site session. If you’re selling Tic-Tacs, newspapers, and cigarettes online, then you should probably only honor clickthrough conversions. But I rarely do “impulse purchasing” online.

  3. brent Says:

    Great insight, Mike. So here is my question: Would that be better as a click-based campaign followed by a f-capped campaign targeted to similar inventory/audiences? I.e. finding people that tend to click and buy and then targeting look-alikes off that?

    I never have actually seen a study decomposing differences between click-based and view-through conversions for use in that way, but that would clearly be pretty interesting. Part of the challenge is that the agencies that might try to figure that out are probably buying through networks so they don’t have a lot of insight into placement level delivery data. You seen anything like that? I imagine if you had it would have worked its way around a bit.

    @Greg – I am a believer in the power of branding!