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Thoughts on Invite Media

Every time I talk to people about this transaction, I have the same talking points.  I figured I should put them out there:

  1. Invite Media is written virtually entirely in Python, the language of Google-ness.  I would expect to see a more seamless transition to Google-ey-ness than we did with JotSpot, Feedburner, or DoubleClick, where things disappeared (for, in some cases, years) while they were being re-written in Python – Google’s preferred mode of acquisition integration.  That probably allows Google to get a little more excited than they might otherwise.
  2. If you are Invite Media and Google calls and tells you they are acquiring a DSP, that DSP has to be you, right?  Google’s acquisition of Invite has taken the biggest acquirer out of the market, dropping the valuation of all the DSPs.  You do not want to be the one that does not get bought.  This probably means that Invite was open to a lower price since it was the best possible acquirer.
  3. I imagine a world where Invite technology is suddenly free.  Most people thought that Invite had the best UI in the market and most people agree that the UI for interacting directly with the exchanges sucks.  Given the 8-figure price tag (cheaper than many other deals they have done), it is easy to imagine that Google’s ROI is off the charts here.  They can probably make all that money back by driving more volume through the DoubleClick exchange front-running impressions and increasing volume via a great free UI.

The DSP landscape will be rocked if Google suddenly announces that they are giving away Invite technology to agencies.  People better be bringing their A-game.

Congrats to Nat and Zach.

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