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What is a Retargeted Click Worth?

Great post stating the obvious for the record (a frequent tactic of my blog) by Alan Pearlstine on AdExchanger.

His point is that last click attribution overvalues the last click, particularly in retargeting campaigns.

I see more and more companies offering CPC retargeting on display inventory (that they probably had to buy on a CPM basis).  This is kind of a no-brainer to offer because click-through rates are so high that the cost of testing is probably not excessive.

Here is my question coming out of that:

Are the CPCs that people are paying for retargeting campaigns greater or less than the appropriate proportional value that should be attributed to a retargeting impression?

Post your best guess in the comments.

2 Responses to “What is a Retargeted Click Worth?”

  1. Alexander Nick Says:

    I do not know whether the cost per click for retargeting is more or less worth than other targeting strategies. What I do believe though is that the impression which is delivered by remarketing is way more worth! For instance check out this article: which shows that the display ad placement strategy with the most brand lift is retargeting.

    If you choose for a CPC based retargeting campaign you will get an evident branding effect to a very relevant audience for free. You should, however, then spend close attention to the message you are sending. If you simply display previously looked at products that branding effect will be minimal, so I would recommend to make sure that your core values get to the customer, too.

  2. Banken Says:

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