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Ad System Ecosystem of 2012

Everyone loves a good ecosystem slide.  In fact, in the ad space, virtually everyone has seen the GCA Savvian slide re-used in 100 different contexts:

When Terence Kawaja left GCA Savvian to form Luma Partners, he promptly put out another one.  In fact, he gave a pretty laminated version to AdExchanger while I was standing right next to John and when I asked for one, I got blown off!  True story.  Anyway, this is the ecosystem in 2010 according to Luma:

I have good news, and a revelation for people in the online advertising space.  I have traveled into the future and brought back Luma Partners slide from 2012.  And lo, the slide was presented:

Or was this from a secret internal Google presentation last week?  Only TechCrunch knows for sure!

One Response to “Ad System Ecosystem of 2012”

  1. Niranjan Says:

    Hilarious!! :p But can anyone buck the trend?