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Reaction to Yahoo’s Acquisition of Dapper

AdExchanger didn’t ask me for my opinion in their blurb of opinions on Dappers acquisition, so I thought I would blog my own.  Here you go folks:

“Yahoo’s decision to acquire the premier event marketing company in the online advertising space should come as no surprise.  Whenever I go to a Fixing Advertising event, I always felt like it was over-run with Yahoo people.”

That is what Dapper does, right?  Throw those great parties all over the world?

2 Responses to “Reaction to Yahoo’s Acquisition of Dapper”

  1. Paul Knegten Says:

    HA! Finally a blogger gets our technology right! :)

  2. brent Says:

    I love you, Paul. How insidery is this industry that I can post something like this and you are the first to comment.