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The Four Hour Business Model

When I go through books that I really recommend to people, one key book is the Four Work Week:

Here is my personal book review for the Four Hour Work Week:

The first 30 pages make it sound utterly hokey, but press on, there is something good! Not only did I find many practical lessons on how to streamline my life, presented in a way that made me rethink common practices I engaged in frequently, but I spent quality time pondering an important lesson:

It is time to do the things you always wanted to do.

The quintessential logic is this:

If you make a great salary, say $200k, if you were saving $50k a year you would be socking away a ton of money. So if you socked away $50k for 20 years, you have (drumroll please) one million dollars. So in 20 years you might have a million bucks. You are probably not saving that kind of money today. So your average person should probably assume that they will never be rich and/or retire early. You are going to work most of your life. Hence, whatever your bucket list looks like, you should get started on it now and focus on finding ways to do it affordably.

The more I thought about that the more I realized that there was a lot of truth there.

Regardless, I liked the message, once I got past the first 30 pages of infomercial, and I liked the practical manner in which it was shared. The goal was not to get your work day down to 4 hours, but rather I took away from it a slightly different spin on the classic Franklin Covey “spend time on what is important (living your dreams) and less time on what is not important but may seem urgent (doing expense reports)”

His new book is The Four Hour Body.

While the Amazon description sounds like a snake oil salesmen, in Ferriss we trust, as the saying goes. I loved his blog post on weight lifting and it leaves me committed to reading the book. Go buy it now.

Remember, life is too short to not get started on interesting things now. Get to it.

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