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Three Sentence Email Rule is Silly

One of the new meme’s I have seen sweeping the Internet is the new concept.

Here it is:

Tim Ferris blogged about it, TechCrunch wrote about it, I have seen people email me with this as their footer.

It is kind of silly.


If people want to start sending emails like they text, they can, but I have to say: I don’t think I would text my boss or my customers. People deserve well-crafted sentences and coherent thought.

This policy is actually dodging the real fact of the matter: You cannot convey content using this policy, so you are basically saying I will only communicate via phone unless you want a decision – which you could not possibly ask for in three sentences, so you will have to call me if you want to (as is implied by the footer) meet my expectation of sending incredibly brief emails.

People write dumb emails all the time, but getting religious is even dumber.

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