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Etacts Sells Out, Proves Something

Etacts should send me some schwag for all the good love I gave them that they did not give back.

After my post lauding their service, within days acquired them. As always, we are on the bleeding edge of technology here at Cogblog. The comments in the TechCrunch post lead one to believe that Etacts was acquired for $6m. Nice exit for Y Combinator and Ron Conway and further proof regarding my long standing theory that raising a lot of money makes it hard to do a small exit. It is nice that a company with great products and poor traction can find a way out that leaves investors “not unhappy” and is ok for the employees as well.

Congratulations to Etacts, now I have to find a new technology to use since I didn’t like the others.

2 Responses to “Etacts Sells Out, Proves Something”

  1. Paul Capestany Says:

    Yeah, I wish Rapportive had more substance to it, that’s what I’m using now.

    There’s also … but I haven’t really felt too compelled to play with it since attachments seem to be the major selling point and that’s not an issue for me.

  2. pete Says:

    The reminders! That’s what I loved. I can’t believe nobody else has done that.