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You need two #1 receivers

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

It’s been a while since we had an irrelevant post, but here we go:

In today’s modern NFL offenses, for a team to really tear it up, you need two #1 receivers.

It used to be that you had a #1 and you had a #2. But then, you rarely had more than two receivers on the field at any one time. Now, with potentially 5 receivers lining up, you need more receiver talent to make a team super awesome. If you look at the trend in the NFL, it is very much towards acquiring a critical mass of receiving talent. Cases in point:

  • Jets have Braylon Edwards and go get Santonio Holmes
  • Patriots had Wes Welker and Randy Moss
  • Eagles have DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin
  • Falcons have Roddy White and draft Julio Jones
  • Ravens have Anquan Boldin and go get Lee Evans (then Buffalo’s #1)
  • Cowboys have Miles Austin and Roy Williams and go draft Dez Bryant
  • Steelers have Hines Ward and Mike Wallace
A lot of teams are stockpiling receiving talent because the spread offenses that everyone is running requires a lot of options and as defenses increasingly go 3-4 and stockpile nickel and dime backs, it is not enough to think that you will have an open guy when they swing coverage to your #1 receiver – you need guys that have to be bracketed on both sides to open up the middle of the field.


Recruiting Engineers at User Groups

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I was at lunch the other day with a very skilled engineer and I was bemoaning the difficulty in finding skilled engineers to get involved in start-ups. My buddy responded that he would just go to tons of coding oriented meet-ups if he was doing a start-up and wanted to meet skilled, motivated junior engineers.

He had two great reasons why meetups are a great place to recruit for start-ups:

  • People that attend meetups for coding clearly think of coding as an avocation, and not simply a vocation.
  • People that attend meetups are probably single.
He made some great points. I don’t go to these meetups for the same reason that doing a start-up is hard: Family commitments. Finding engineers unencumbered by these is good for your start-up!