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Logged-In Contextual Ad Units

Saw some new ad units on Grooveshark today:

Both of these were ad units that took advantage of the fact that I was “logged in” to those accounts to show me contextual information. Amazon showed me the last few products I looked at, LinkedIn showed me relevant job offers. (I find it interesting that LinkedIn thought it was necessary to pay some ad network to show me these job offers. Do they need a certain amount of traffic here to justify their existence to recruiters? I suppose so.)

Interestingly, it is only a hop, skip, and a jump to LinkedIn licensing this data to the ad network to drive other targeting – maybe AppSumo uses LinkedIn data to drive offers to me or something.

Frankly, I don’t love it, but this is basically the same as all retargeting. It is a good thing I wasn’t looking at some illicit product on Amazon and someone isn’t looking over my shoulder!

One Response to “Logged-In Contextual Ad Units”

  1. Peter Bessman Says:

    Interesting… big brother doesn’t need to have an Orwellian intent to achieve that effect. But perhaps that’s too harsh. Maybe fear of embarrassment through targeted ads will save humanity from internet-induced degeneracy?