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How To Make $250,000 In Two Hours With One Good Email

Caveat: I have never worked at an agency. I have worked as a consultant, so I know how clients are crazy, etc.

For me, the craziest, craziest, craziest part of working in the digital media space is that you get these emails from agencies saying that they need a response in 2 hours and they are spending $250,000 based on who responds with what.

Newsflash: $250,000 is a lot of money.

Newsflash: 2 hours to pull together a response does not result in “the optimal product offering”.

The best planner/publisher interactions that I have seen have been driven by a positive back-and-forth interaction where the publishers unique ability to bring value to the advertiser is leveraged – no surprise, it is a consultative process.

How does this happen? And I have to tell you, it happens all the time. All the time. Sometime it is half-an-hour to make $50,000. I am pretty sure that if the advertiser knew how cavalierly their profits were sometimes spent, they would go into cardiac arrest. Is this simply the planning aspect of the campaign being devalued? Weeks were spent on “the strategy”, but an hour for tactics? All the money was spent on the creative so the inventory gets short shrift for internal budgeting for the agency? Is this a symptom of poor personal planning by young media planners?

It makes me incredibly sad every time I am involved in one of these because I wonder if the day will come when I am an advertiser and I am treated so terribly. This is the kind of thing that has left me wary of agencies for life. (I recognize the hypocrisy that I have probably done things that made agencies wary of networks.)

Is there a target “%of budget” theoretically allocated by an agency for the actual media planning of the buy that I should know about?

Regardless, it is amazing. Don’t we, as an industry, owe it to advertisers to do a better job planning their media buys for maximum impact?

One Response to “How To Make $250,000 In Two Hours With One Good Email”

  1. James Says:

    What is even more horrifying, is this can happen without an email now. Planner logs in, click. $250k planned and live. I have worked at an agency well before programatic buying, and at least there was some back and forth… with clients even approving the plan weeks ahead to leave room for tweaks.

    It’s interesting as agencies kicked and screamed for transparency from the networks for a long time and they got it for the most part. Are they willing to give this kind of planning transparency to the advertisers now?