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Why would publishers put ads all over a page? Why? Why! Why?

Hilarious excerpt from Kirby Winfield Q&A:

Kari Bretschger Presz and CEO IMW Communications: Why would there be a market for a non-viewable ad? It would be a tough sell…Why would publishers offer it?


LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Why would publishers offer it, indeed! The combination of the race to the bottom and the prisoners dilemma puts publishers squarely at odds with the desire to introduce viewable impressions standards.

This makes me laugh. It implies such incredible ignorance of how display advertising works today.

Because I was chewing through my feeds, it reminded me of a quote highlighted in the eCPM blog from Dalton Caldwell’s Digiday interview:

There’s two ad businesses. There’s the brand ad business and then the dark underbelly of ad networks

This shows how tough it is for a CEO of a general marketing business to understand what is really going on in digital marketing. Kari, call me if you want me to explain how screwed up your media buying practices are.

Agencies are getting exploited on a daily basis by bad actors. Even your performance buys are not working because attribution is a train wreck!

The good news is we are approximately the same screwed up as your TV buys, so just jump right in, the water is warm.

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