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Eagles Game 1 Review

Reviewed the game tape of the Eagles game. Couple of observations:

1) Vick made terrible decisions, but that was not all: I hate the mechanics. 2 years ago it seemed like Reid had beaten the sidearm out of him. Now he only shows good mechanics when he is throwing deep.

2) Eagles O-line played terrible. Bad decisions and picks are inevitable with such poor protection. Jason Kelce and King Dunlap played terrible. Team really missed Jason Peters. Big, big problem.

3) Joe Thomas is a man. He stone-walled Trent Cole.

4) LeSean McCoy looked like the best RB in football. Typical Andy Reid terrible play-calling that he did not put it in his hands more. Eagles sprint draw may be best play in football today. Bummer that they could not run behind the left side of Mathis and Peters.

5) Demeco Ryans played great. The rest of the Eagles linebackers played terrible in coverage.

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