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When Advertising Goes Wrong

I am on the record as being a fan of viewable impressions. Similarly, I am a fan of fewer units to make more money. I am also on the record as recognizing that there is an element of prisoners dilemma in the programmatic sale of ad space in that if you constrain supply and someone else doesn’t, your creation of value may inadvertently create value for them in a way that hurts you at some level.

But I went to the web site for the first time in forever and what I found offended me:

Yow, that is uncomfortable. I count 4 300×250’s and another ad unit across the bottom. Every one of these is Google remnant. So is basically becoming a bad actor here. Furthermore, you will notice that the article I was reading they paginated. That’s right, this was one of two pages. So for 500 words, I saw 10 ads. I think that is worse than a regular newspaper. I am virtually ready to get on-board with the ad blocker guys after seeing this. The user experience here is absolutely terrible.

I would love someone at to comment on what CPMs are like for these different units and how they justify this user experience. It is hard to imagine that anyone likes visiting their site. Frankly, this is an example, in my mind, of the worst kind of web site. A wave of sharing links, a wave of related articles, the formatting at the end of the article reflects a lack of attention to detail. Bleh.

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