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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for the Easily Frightened

I use Media Temple, which means people try to hack my WordPress installation basically all the time.

Here are some key plugins I have used to really improve the situation:

  1. Block Bad Queries: – This prevents people from trying to do things maliciously with URLs.
  2. Akismet: – Duh. Slam dunk.
  3. Limit Login Attempts: – This prevents brute force login attacks.
  4. WordPress File Monitor: – This is unmaintained at this point, but it does what it does well, which is preventing general Media Temple hackers from hiding files in my file space. Critical stuff.
  5. WP SpamFree: – Another unmaintained library, but it supplements Akismet well.

One Response to “Top 5 WordPress Plugins for the Easily Frightened”

  1. Ivan Says:

    In the Obscure type protection, I use