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The Blog Post Where I Explain When You Should Pivot

How do you know when to pivot?

It is never obvious if you should pivot or stay the course. Sometimes you are banging your head against that wall and if you just bang your head one more time, the whole wall will come crumbling down. Sometimes you are banging and banging and if you keep banging all you are going to do is hurt your head. When you are on this side of the wall, you never know which.

The true essence of entrepreneurship, when distilled down to its crystalline core, is that a great entrepreneur is able to tell if they should pivot or if they should keep banging their head against the wall.

Here is the secret: When you pivot, you will still feel like you are banging your head against the wall, it will just be a different wall. Few companies experience some immediate sense of relief when they pivot.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. If it was easy then everyone would have their own companies. Furthermore, most companies don’t work out. It is all just banging your head against the wall. Picking the right wall – one that is hopefully paper thing – is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

(This post was inspired from reading a blog post by Sandy MacPherson (, whose Quibb is interesting in a very pleasant way for me, but probably doomed to fail. Sandy wondered about what it means to different people to pivot vs. stay the course and I actually know the answer to that question. Rather than helpfully post it on her blog as a comment, I thought, as I long as I was being incredibly unhelpful, I would post it on my oft-neglected blog for the permanent record.)

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