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Best Hacker News Posts of 2012


In many ways, I am annoyed by Hacker News and trust me, my forthcoming post: “All the popular posts on Hacker News are posts I wrote poorly re-written” will be a doozy, but I wanted to do an end of year wrap-up post and decided that, for lack of a better idea, I would feature my favorite posts from Hacker News. These tended to be topics that were not rehashes of topics I have already covered, so in that respect, they are interesting. Here they are:

Couple of comments to add some value: You know my topics if you follow this blog, so not many of these should come as a shock. The single hardest part of most start-ups is user acquisition, so there are lots of articles about user acquisition across a broad spectrum here: Book authors acquiring users, inbound marketing, bands acquiring users, growth hackers. Quick comment on growth hacking – I love it. I love the idea. I love the original conceit at Facebook for growth hacking. I totally buy in. Having said that, growth hacking is similar to Gangnam Style in that the moment it came into existence it simultaneously jumped the shark. 99.9% of the time, people are simply intellectually dishonest with themselves about what they are doing if they think they are growth hacking.

The UserVoice article is kind of lame, but there you go. Something product management-ish.

How to Nap is probably the single most important piece of news from 2012.

Finally, as everyone knows by now, smart drugs are my obsession. They will change the world.

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