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People Hate Advertising – And That is Why You Should Love It


The current meme sweeping the entrepreneurosphere is “A product has to be 10x to 20x better than current solutions to win” because the market is stacked against a start-up.

I buy into this, generally. A product can’t be a little better to overcome switching costs. It has to be a lot better.

Good news: It seems that everyone thinks advertising sucks. All you need to do is make a product people don’t hate and it will 12098205820458420x better than the status quo.

My personal feeling: This is a tricky subject because it probably has to do with the creative experience. Agencies hate digital advertising because it lacks the story arc and interruptive attention-grabbing qualities of TV. Consumers hate TV ads also. You don’t want the solution to be one-off brilliant creatives a la subservient chicken. It needs to scale. But it probably isn’t 100% algorithmic. It probably has to do with better creatives, but it also has to do with better targeting.

Good luck!

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