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Senior People Can Always Be Fired

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If you are a middle manager at a large organization, you will find that letting someone go is difficult. In fact, at Time Warner/Aol, it was near impossible. True story: I was told by a fellow manager that he had tried to cut a poor performer but had been told by Time Warner legal/HR that because the poor performer was a female minority it could not be done. IT SIMPLY COULD NOT BE DONE.

This isn’t true at higher levels in the organization. The CEO can let anyone go simply because.

“We have re-organized and no longer have a CFO.”

“We have re-organized and no longer need a head of sales.”

“We have re-organized and no longer need you.”

These are all plausible things a CEO can say to fire you. Or generally, any senior person can say to any senior person that reports to them.

Just FYI.

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