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I already wrote every post on Hacker News

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I must admit, this blog post is no longer timely. About 60 days ago, I felt like Hacker News became much more technical and much less “How I didn’t get into Y Combinator and why rejection will help me win/fail”. But I wanted to make the point that if you are looking for entrepreneurial goodness, look no further! I already wrote all those posts.

Vacation and Entrepreneurs: I wrote that!

Pivoting, etc.: I wrote that!

Online Advertising is terrible (a popular HN meme): I wrote that too!

How to make $250,000 in two hours: I wrote that!

Something about technical architecture and start-up: I wrote one of those!

Complaining about Google: I did that!

The secret to recruiting engineers for your start-up: I told you that!

How my company got acquired, blah, blah: I wrote a bunch of those.

Writing better blog posts: I wrote about writing that.

Diet/Exercise/Tim Ferriss: I wrote that!

Starting Start-ups and stuff: I wrote that!

Incubators, etc.: I wrote that.

Confess that this looks like Hacker News when all the non-technical entrepreneurs are upvoting things.

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