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My New Personal Ad. Please Respond.

You: Attractive, venture-funded advertising technology company. Enjoy long walks on the beach, arbitrage, APIs.

Me: Writing one of the most popular blogs on online advertising, data-driven things in general and start-ups. Offering one of the most inexpensive online advertising opportunities out there.

Next steps:

  1. You send me an email at bhalliburton at gmail saying you want to spend $1,000 advertising on Cogblog for a one quarter period (3 months).
  2. You get a 300×250 ad on Cogblog!
  3. You get an “INTERVIEW” with one of your senior leadership team members on Cogblog. BEST ADVERTISING EVER.
  4. I talk about how you are sponsoring the blog CONSTANTLY.
  5. I send you a Cogmug, the exclusive, ever-coveted schwag of Cogmap. Coffee tastes better when you are Cog!

Hundreds of people (sometimes thousands!) see your ad every day.

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