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Apple: Pride Before The Fall?


I have been watching TV a bit lately (Welcome back, National Football League!) and have seen a new advertising trend that has concerned me.

I used to tell everyone how great Apple advertisements were because they would show you one of their products and they would show you how it works. These ads were great. One of the interesting things about Apple products is they don’t come with an instructional guide or tutorial. You just have to figure it out. The good news is that you have been watching their ads for months and their ads taught you how to work your phone.

Apple ads showed you amazing things: Here is how you unlock the phone. This is how you play music. This is how you call someone. This is how you take pictures. This is how apps work.

And frankly, with the diversity of the Android ecosystem, this was differentiating. I don’t know how a Samsung phone works. I don’t know what that experience is like.

With the release of the new Apple phones, they have a new marketing campaign and it threatens to up end the apple cart a bit: This is a pink phone. This is a yellow phone. This is a purple phone.

If I were Samsung, I would be running commercials of people and have them “show us” the apps they have that make people say, “wow” that differentiate the Android from the iPhone. Apple’s decision to move away from marketing the software to marketing the soft stuff of different colors could be Apple confessing that their product has become less exciting or it could simply be a costly mistake.

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