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More Cogmap, More Focus, More Love


We are actively dialing up the intensity of the Cogfocus. I admit, Cogmap hasn’t gotten a lot of love in the last four years, but that is changing now. There are several things we are working on:

  1. All that other bloggy stuff has moved elsewhere. is where all of the blog posts about digital advertising, growth hacking, basketball, and other stuff has gone. Cogmap is going to be all Cogmap all the time. This is bittersweet for Cog-lovers, but fear not. is the new best blog around. You need to go read it, you need to subscribe to the email list. How good is the email list? Think about this: In my last note, I offered to send every subscriber that sent me their address a box of biscotti. And I make delicious biscotti. Also, I am writing a book about selling, growth hacking, startups, and other stuff. I don’t want to clutter the Cogverse.
  2. Cogmappier, Better, Faster, Org Chartier: Cogmap is hiring. Get in here.workout-music-daft-punk-harder-better-faster--L-HDFlkp
  3. Features are coming. 4Q14 is going to be one of the best Cogquarters ever.


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