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WordPress Headline Split Tester

At the Baltimore Hackathon, November 19-21, 2010, Peter Bessman and I spent the weekend building a tool to let WordPress users split test blog post titles quickly and easily.

I had been inspired by an article I had read some time ago about how the Huffington Post makes all their writers enter multiple headlines for every article.  These article headlines are then split-tested to determine what drives higher interaction rates. The second that I read that, I thought, “every blog should have something like that.” Yet nothing existed unless you really love spending three hours in Google Website Optimizer every time you do a blog post.

Peter was kind enough to sign up at the Hackathon and we cranked it out.

Using it could not be easier. Once you install the plug-in, your “Add New Post” page looks like this:

When you set the alternate headline, we will A/B test your original headline and your alternate headline until one is deemed the winner (most clicks out of X total impressions shown).  Then we show that headline going forward.

It could not be easier for you to split test headlines in WordPress. Hopefully everyone will have better titles for their future blog posts.

Here is a link, go get it kids:

Update: I updated the link to point to the repository instead of github.

Update #2: Apparently we won for best software product at the Baltimore Hackathon.  Thanks to @peterbessman for helping me scratch this itch and making it happen. I was at a 5 year olds birthday party during final judging, so he rocks.