Your Donations Keep Cogmap Going


Why Donate?

Cogmap has no revenue model. We rely on individual donations to make information that has traditionally been closely held available to all. We do not want people paying for access to this information. That is simply not how we roll.

Can I expense this?

I would. This seems like a business expense to me. We will give you a fancy receipt and everything.

How much should I donate?

That is a matter of personal preference. For reference, Wikipedia tries to get people to donate $100.

Where does the money go?

Cogmap is mostly one person. Your donation will allow me to upgrade from $0.12 ramen noodles to the $0.38 ramen! Woot! Alternately, your money funds people and technology to improve the sweetness of Cogmap. There is no shortage of innovative ideas we have for improving the site.

Why not just raise venture capital?

Venture capital puts a ticking time bomb on the business. We have to spend their money to build a revenue stream by a certain date. We don't want this web site to have expenses and require revenue, particularly at the kind of scale required by investors. By maintaining our independence, we can keep our burn low and ensure that Cogmap is available forever. If it is never a business, it can never go "out of business".

Is there anything in it for me?

Why does the Paypal page mention Deconstruct Media?

What can I tell you, I have a lot going on. Don't worry, it's all good.