People Uploader for ada kultur

Upload a delimited file to auto-populate a chart with people


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How do I use the People Uploader?

The People Uploader allows you to upload delimited files such as CSVs of your favorite people to a given map.

They appear as "unmapped" on the chart you are uploading people into.

How does it work

You must have 18 specific fields in your csv to upload it successfully. They are case insensitive and can be in any order but you must include them all.

The first row of the file must be a "header" row showing the column names.

The column names MUST BE:

Choose your delimiter character carefully to ensure maximum flexibility. A backslash ("/") is an escape character if no delimiter allows you to easily solve your problems. Of course, you can always go edit an individual later.

If a person already exists in the chart, the uploader adds another person. It does not over-write or combine people. (Multiple Joe Smith's may work at a company!)

Because we use PHP, Macintosh returns are not accepted line delimiters. You need to have newlines as the line break. Information on how to convert them> is available.

Oooops! I accidentally successfully uploaded a bunch of bad data! What should I do?

Go to the map, go to the most recent previous version that has correct data, make a trivial change (such as moving someone to the same place they are at already in the organization) and re-save it. This will over-write the upload.

Alternately, you could send email to asking for help. Make sure you identify the map and the problem you had as clearly as possible.