How do I find myself?

Go to search and type in your name!

How do I find my company?

Go to search and type in your company!

How do I add myself?

Find your company and then click “Add a new person”, then find yourself in the Unmapped People box and drag yourself into the right place on the organization chart. Finally, mouse over yourself, then click on the pencil and go add additional information about you! Tell us a little about yourself!

How do I add my company?

If you search for your company and come up empty, click on the link to add a new chart and get started!

My company is wrong, how do I fix it?

Start dragging and dropping people until you get it right. If someone’s information is wrong, then mouse over them and you will see the icon to click to edit their information. If someone doesn’t exist but should, then click the “Add a new person” button and add them. If someone is in the chart and shouldn’t be, mouse over them and you will see an icon to remove them from the map. After you remove them from the map they will get moved to the Unmapped People box. If you mouse over them in the Unmapped People box, you will see the icon to delete them completely. Make sure after you finish you save your version to the wiki.

My information is wrong, how do I change it?

Choose to “Edit Details” and correct your information, then save it!

I have a part of the organization I want to map, but it doesn’t connect to the part that is already mapped. What should I do?

Here are some ideas, but don’t treat this as a definitive list:

  1. Find out who is in between and connect them up! (Best idea!)
  2. Make the top node of the part of the organization you are charting another top node in the same chart by dragging it to the company name on the map. Then, when someone fills in the blanks, they can easily drag your tree to its proper place. (Pretty good idea!)
  3. Make a completely new chart for the sub-organization. (Worst idea, except for very large organizations)

Have an idea for how we could do support this better? Send us an email!

How do I compare the current map to an older map?

Go to the current map, open Version Tracker on the right side, check the two versions of the map you want to compare and then click “Compare”

How do I change a map to an older version of a map?

Go to the current map, open Version Tracker on the right side, then click on the number of the version you want to look at. If you decide that this is a more accurate representation of the organization, then make a change that does not affect the map (move a person to the place they were already or edit the map detail but don't change anything) and save it as the newest version!

What do I do if I need dotted line reporting or I report to multiple bosses?

Unfortunately, with respect to Cogmap, you are out of luck. We just don't do that now. Sorry.

What is Cogrank?

Every time you do something in Cogmap, you get points! The more you contribute, the more points you get. Everyone likes to get points for things! This is translated into a relative ranking of your contributions to Cogmap. Work hard and soon you will be #1! Why do we gamify this? We hate Gamification and mock it.

I want to edit and save a map, but I don’t want to register

You are out of luck! We set the bar low, but not that low.

How does "Subscribing" work?

When you add a comment, create, or edit a map or person, or press the "Subscribe" button, you are subscribed!

When someone edits a chart, people subscribed to the chart receive an email notification. When someone leaves a comment on a chart, the comment is moderated and then subscribers are notified via email. This minimizes spam email.

How do "Related Charts" work?

Our system speculates that charts are related if someone that has expressed interest in the chart you are viewing has also expressed interest in those charts. Expressing interest is a system that weights views, edits and other factors to value the attention economies of each chart.

How do "Private Maps" work?

When you create a private chart, you are added to the access control list. You cannot be removed from accessing this chart.

You add email addresses to your access control list. When you add someone, they are sent an email. The chart shows up in their "My Cogmap". If they sign up using another email address, they cannot access the chart.

Anyone who has access to a chart can add or delete people's access to a chart.

If someone goes to a chart that they don't have access to, they can have an automated email sent to the chart owner requesting to be added to the Access Control List.

How do "Comments" work?

Comments immediately show up on the site, however they also go into an administrative moderation queue. Comments are periodically reviewed throughout the day and approved. If they are duplicate comments they are deleted, otherwise they are generally approved. Approvals may take two forms: They may result in emails being sent to subscribers or they may not. Generally, we will not trigger the email if the chart was edited recently or if another comment was simultaneously posted. We try to limit the spam!

Are there API's?

Yes, they are documented thoroughly in our blog.

Can I license Cogmap for internal use?

Sure, contact us for details.

Why is printing not working

Because the browser gods hate sites like this!

Browser print support for very wide pages is basically awful. Theoretically, our maps print just fine and if you are printing a map that is not wider than a single page, you should have no problems.

If it is wider than a page, you will probably see the charts degrade substantially as most browsers tend to choke on graphics because it wants to make everything wrap on the page.

We actually have some fairly innovative solutions to problems like this described on our blog: Printing Cogmaps

I need a public map made private

We only allow this in circumstances where only one person has edited the map. If multiple people have edited the map and maps are benefiting from the community, we will not remove the map from the communities access. If only one person has created and edited the map, that person should email us with their username and the map URL and we will handle that administratively.

I need a private map made public

No problem, send us email and we will handle that administratively. Make sure you send us the URL for the map.

Things in Cogmap appear in Google!

Yes, they do. In our experience, Google trawls Cogmap for updates both deeply and frequently. Changes to maps appear relatively quickly in Google, however we have no control over this.

I need a map deleted

Bummer! Much like with our other policies regarding maps, if you are the only person who has edited a chart, we are happy to comply. If not, then we must unfortunately yield to the community which has already contributed to the map. It would be unfair to delete their data. If you are the only person who has edited the map, then send us the URL and your username (we match your username against the email you are sending us mail from, so make sure you use the account email you registered with) and we will happily handle this for you.

I need my account deleted

We do not delete accounts. Given that map histories capture account data, if we deleted accounts, there would be no account meta information associated with versions of maps. For example, if a member had made version 2 of a chart, and then another member had made version 3, conceptually handling deleting version 2 is difficult. So we don't do that - it makes our databases explode.

Did that map change without a new version?

Cogmap administrative tools allow us to roll back versions of charts. If we find data deleted without cause or a bad chart edit, we typically revert it using these tools.

Has the site changed recently?

Monitor changes to the code base on the Cogmap Changelog page

I need some other kind of help!

You could try emailing cogmap at cogmap dot com.

What is Cogmap?

Cogmap is the Wikipedia of organization charts. We are an organization chart wiki! This means that it is a collection of organization charts online that anyone can edit, add to, and help maintain.

Cogmap is a tool for sales people, entrepreneurs, and recruiters to understand organizations and keep information up to date. If you are like us, you had some of these things happen to you:

About Cogmap

We are a web site, not a business. Businesses have business models. Web sites are just good ideas.

We are some passionate people with an interesting idea trying to make our way in the big world. Help us out!

You read our blog, right?

You send us emails, right? cogmap at cogmap dot com!

You can visit our org chart on Cogmap!

Here is an interesting relevant blog post:

About No Inc

No Inc is the consulting company that helped build this. If you are blown away by the look and feel, the AJAX power, and the sheer “Web 2.0-ness” of the site, then maybe you want them to do some work for you. They are great, so we wanted to give them a shout-out.

Press and Investor Relations

People from the press and other interested parties can send email to cogmap at cogmap dot com

Our blog will tell you many interesting things.

Privacy Policy

Today, we don’t have a formal privacy policy because we don’t have a lawyer. The rules are subject to change when they become formalized. Having said that, here are our ground rules:

  1. Don’t post things you shouldn’t
  2. We will never sell your email address
  3. We are not responsible for things that people put into the wiki
  4. We own the data, and may try to package up and sell data created in the wiki if we figure out a business model